Dedicated to the examination of the remnants. Phil Levy's words in reference to history, archaeology, Judaism, academe, music, outdoorsing…

About Phil Levy (as written in the first person)

I teach Early American history and Archaeology, Public History, and Historical Theory at the University of South Florida. You can see my official page here, and learn a bit more about courses I am teaching and ongoing research projects. I am also most recently the author of Where The Cherry Tree Grew: The Story of Ferry Farm, George Washington’s Boyhood Home, a Macmillan book released in 2013. I am very active in faculty governance and serve in the USF Faculty Senate leadership as well as on several high stakes committees. This experience informs many of my comments about academe, while being a long time Appalachian fiddler is my claim to musical credibility. I also am active in synagogue life and in my local Jewish community, and am a persistent and inveterate long distance hiker. All of these areas make up the themes of this quasi-professional blog covers.

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