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Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Floods

It is still one of the most persistent indicators and one that shows the best view right now of what is at stake. Kudos to Reuters for tabulating data and not falling prey to fake “balance” reportage which only muddies the (as it were) waters.

Not agreeing with Tony Brown

Ok–this is sort of off the mark. The point of the Anthropocene language is not to offer a “solution,” but rather to galvanize discussions across disciplines and force new coalitions. The idea is to recontextualize discussions. 

Garden Planet Infoshop

This is weird. This line in particular bothered me: “If we do indeed now live on a garden-planet in which civilization has eclipsed nonhuman nature…” I think the whole point is that the artificiality of the Human-Natural dichotomy is challenged by the Anthropocene itself.

Anthropocene Econonomics

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